Time went on, It was decided that the tombstones would be kept out of the visitors' sight  until the last thing in the graveyard, so as to leave everyone squirming as to where Jane was and when she would pop out and stare someone to death. (She can do that kind of thing, you know)
Every once in a while, the Gravekeeper or Bloody Melly would ask if the ghouls were coming, only to be told, "No, it's year end and I can't ask for that much time off work this soon at a new job."
Sadly the Gravekeeper and his wife prepared for the big day.
They were not only missing two important spirits, but as usual,
the plans had grown more elaborate and time consuming. The
Demon put his Master Fogbuilder skills into action and created a
masterpiece of fog to lay at the foot of Psycho and Commando's
Blah, Blah Blah, Storyteller. Your name Don?
Rumours started amongst the creatures. Many, including the Little Dead Girl, her mom, and other assorted monsters thought the wayward Psycho and her husband would show up. Bloody Melly and the Gravekeeper just wouldn't, no, couldn't believe it. To believe in such things only leads to heartache, even when you have no heart to break. However the chorus of the rumour mongers continued day and night.
Then suddenly, it was the night before Halloween, and Psycho and Commando phoned to say they missed all the spirits, and they wished they could be there. Jane even believed that everyone would forget about them once the Visitors started to arrive and the screaming started. The Gravekeeper and Bloody Melly just tried not to be depressed. (Who knew the undead had so many emotions??)                  Get to the point, Storyteller...
The morning arrived with much anticipation of the scares soon to come, but there was a feeling of gloom over the graveyard. The gates opened, the scaring began and everything was almost as it should be when the Gravekeeper came into the Castle and informing Bloody Melly that there would have to be some repairs to his face, as unfamiliar water was leaking from his eyes.
Bloody Melly asked what had caused such an event and the reply was enough to shock even this storyteller.
It seems a very frightening couple had wandered through the cenetery, strangers with covered faces. The Gravekeeper and several of his minions had commented on the amazing clothes and the frightening way the strangers had of carrying themselves. He even went so far as to speculate that they would fit right in to the graveyard.
Especially proud of the creepy writing at the bottom...
Proud of the end result
Looks like someone took a bite out of this one
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On to our volunteers
Let me tell you a story. 

Once upon a time a crazy family started doing this Halloween thing. It started small and...
oh yeah, you know that part...
Well, after several years of haunting in the yard, family members started new careers, and two of the more popular ghouls, Commando Bob (one of the brains behind Command Central, and known to lose his head occasionally to the chainsaw) and Psycho Jane (who needs no introduction to most of you) announced they were moving to the ice and snow of Alaska. They would not be available for Our Final Year of Fear.
The Gravekeeper and Bloody Melly, along with most of the rest of the ghouls were devastated. "How can we do Halloween without Psycho and Bob?" they asked. They decided a fitting send off was in order. So, Bloody Melly found appropriate materials for very special gravestones and set about to make the best tribute she could do, what with her limited artistic talent and all.
The perfect fog, it hung in all the right places
Who knew they could lie so well?
Mysterious visitors
Psycho and Stephonie, like mother, like daughter
The big squeeze
Happy to see her
They made OUR day!
Ya think she's happy?
I told you so!
Who could they be, this mysaterious couple? Imagine his surprise when the black hoods were removed to reveal the true identities beneath the fabric!
It seems that Psycho Jane had been a bit perturbed to be killed off in such a fashion, and had shown a photo of the new grave markers to her new boss.
He had granted her time off to come avenge their untimely demises. "You can't let them do this to you," he cried. And so the deed was done. Psycho Jane and Commando Bob turned out to be much more accomplished actors and liars than anyone knew.
Hugs all around! Screams of delight! Halloween would be complete after all. Suddenly, Bloody Melly noticed there was very little screamimg going on in the Graveyard, as all the ghouls were on the sidewalk welcoming the wayward Jane and Bob. With tears of joy streaming down at least SOME faces, the minions returned to their task and Halloween was saved.
And so our story ends.